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The official name of our school is Zespół Szkół in Czerlejno. Czerlejno is a small village situated in the west part of Poland in the Wielkopolska Province about 30 km from Poznań.

Our school has a long tradition. It was first founded in 1834 and was just a parish school. Then it was moved to Czerlejnko and after the Second World War to the palace in Czerlejno. In 1994 a completely new school building was opened. First, it was only a primary school, then gimnazjum was added and now it is the complex of the primary school and the lower secondary school.

The primary school has its name after Wincenty Witos. He lived at the turn of the XIX and XX century and was a Polish prime minister.

The first reference to Czerlejno comes from 1068, when one of the earliest parish centres in Wielkopolska was established here. The name Czerlejno comes from a serf Czyrniel.

In the centre of our village there is a charming wooden church from the XVIII century and a nice hunting palace. In 1928 a monument was erected on the 10th anniversary of the Wielkopolska Uprising.

Our school is attended by about 200 students from Czerlejno and surrounding villages. Pupils start school at the age of six. There are six levels in the primary school and three levels in the lower secondary school (for students aged between 13 and 16).

Apart from compulsory subjects, our school offers a wide range of additional classes during which students develop their interests and prepare to contests and tournaments. Students participate in different clubs such as: Maths, English, Polish, Biology, photography, sports and others.

Our school has classrooms equipped with computers having access to internet. It also owns a library, a small shop, a gym, a playground and a football pitch.


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